Plate Pre Filter

The plate pre filter is suitable for pre filtration of air conditioning system, mainly for filtering dust particles above 5μm. The frame material option: aluminum profile, galvanized plate, stainless steel etc. The filter medium include non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, metal mesh, aluminum rolled mesh etc.


Product Details :

Metal mesh pre-filter

It has the feature of high air volume, low resistance, anti-acid and-alkali and acid and alkali oil smoke resistance, high temperature resistance. It can eliminate the fume and dust particles effectively. It is washable, cost effective  with long serving life.


Applicable places: primary filtration of central air conditioner, ventilation and filtration of acid and alkali and high temperature in special conditions.


High temperature resistance pre-filter

The imported long and short glass fibre is used, which has good performance of flame and chemical substances resistance, low moisture absorbing. It can  work for a long life in 400℃

Applicable places: general primary filtration, hot air filtration of high temperature oven


Ceiling flow equalization filter

thin structure, high air volume, filtering efficiency can reach G4 and F9 with excellent flow equalization performance.

Applicable places: workshop for baking vanish and spay painting, which need high equalization of air flow.



Design Feature and Application

1:high air volume ventilation, low resistance, low energy consumption

2: high density non-woven fabric filter, high filtration efficiency for dust


3: aluminum or galvanized steel frame, surface protection mesh, durable, easy

installation and good looking.

4: high dust holding, long serving life, cost effective

5: primary filtration of air supply and returning outlet or inlet for air conditioner and equipment.

Plate Pre Filter

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