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Ceiling Laminar Air Flow

Fan Filter Unit

Item No.: 00168
A fan filter unit (FFU) is a type of motorized air filtering equipment. It is used to supply purified air to cleanrooms, laboratories, medical facilities or microenvironments by removing harmful airborne particles from recirculating air.The units are inst
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Detailed Product Description

Material: Stainless Steel Or Powder Coat Steel Brand Name: ICARELIFE
Power: 170W Power Supply: AC 110.220V/50.60Hz
Air Velocity: 0.35-0.65m/s Air Flow: 500-1500 M³/h
Filter Grade: Class 100 Filter Efficiency: 99.995% @0.3
Warranty: 12 Months

Product Overview : 

FFU (Fan Filter Unit)
 is the combination of the Fan and Filter, also known as "filtering equipment of the air blower. Head is usually installed in the clean room terminal air supply, usually placed in the hoisting of the "dry" gasket seal on the keel frame. Above the head part is fan module, the following sections for the filter. According to the requirements of cleanliness, the filter can provide different levels of efficiency (HEPA) or super efficient (ULPA) filter, clean air for clean room. Fan module, in addition, to overcome the resistance of the hepa filter head lower, but also overcome the resistance of the entire circulation wind all components of the channel, so as to maintain a set of wind speed operation. The flexible head system had advantages of simple design and construction, wind speed regulating, the clean area is easy to change wait for a characteristic, therefore has become one of the popular industrial clean room systems.


FFU type

The degree of cleanliness from class 1 up to 100,000 can be set and it can be set at individual area.
Because the back in the ceiling is a low-pressure area, the potential of the leakage is extremely low.
Bay method or through the wall method is possible by the arrangement of the layout of FFU.
The volume of the air flow can be set at each area.
Flexible increase or change of the clean room is possible by the arrangement of Fan Filter Unit.

Features :

3 - section or variable speed airfoil turbo fan made by aluminum alloy, which pursued the most suitable designed by computer analysis, provides high efficiency and low-noise characteristics.

Carrying handle makes transportation and installation easier.

Safety socket block for connecting electric power is most suitable for a small clean room system

An optional ULPA filter, which is 99.9999% efficiency at 0.12 microns, is available to meet the extremely critical clean area needs.

  • Stainless Steel H14 Hepa Fan Filter Unit FFU
  • Stainless Steel H14 Hepa Fan Filter Unit FFU
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