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Fresh Air Handing Box Clean Room Ventilation Fan Industrial Cleanroom Air Control Ahu

Item No.: 00145
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Fresh Air Handing Box Size: 700*630*1480mm Or Customize
Frame: Powder Coating Or As Your Request Air Flow: 1500m3/h
Pocket Filter: 595*595*600mm Pre Filter :: Active Carbon Filter
Pre Filter Size:: 595*595*21mm Power Supply:: 220V/50Hz
High Light:

return air vent grille


hvac air return grille



Air handing cabinet with fan Industrial cleanroom air control ahu


1. Air handing box description:

The fresh air blower box is an effective air purifying device that can circulate indoor air. On the one hand, the dirty air in the room is discharged outside, on the other hand, the fresh outdoor air is sterilized, disinfected, filtered, etc., and then input into the room. Let the room be fresh and clean all the time.


The fresh air blower box uses the patented technology of fresh air convection to achieve convection of indoor air through autonomous air supply and air intake, so as to maximize the indoor air replacement. The new wind turbine has a built-in multi-function purification system to ensure clean and healthy air entering the room. The new fans are mainly divided into two types: exhaust-type new fans and air-supply new fans. They can be installed in most indoor environments, and are easy to install and comfortable to use. 


2. Fresh air blower box features:

1).The fresh air cabinet is equipped with a professional air filter. The new air cabinet performs primary air filter treatment on fresh air. The new air cabinet ensures fresh air sent into the room and can be configured with high-performance primary filter or medium efficiency filter according to the special requirements for fresh air. Or high efficiency filter. Due to its flexible and compact structure, low noise, stable operation, and good air volume and air pressure adjustability, the fresh air cabinet is widely used in the ventilation system of civil buildings, At the same time can also be applied to the house building fire pressure air supply, clean air-conditioning booster wind and other occasions.

2).According to the layout of different ventilation ducts, different types of inlet and outlet tuyere cabinets can be ordered.

3). With a modular design, assembly and transportation are extremely convenient.


3. Fresh air handing unit structure

1). The fresh air cabinet type airtight closed structure, and through the test to prevent the leakage between the inlet and outlet, the box and the end cover are better sealed to avoid side leakage.

2), the use of cold rolling steel multi-layer pickling electrostatic spraying.

3), flange size has a variety of options.

4). There are many types of fresh air, such as 1000m3/h, 2000m3/h, 3000m3/h, 4000m3/h, 5000m3/h, etc.

5),Fresh air cabinet main material: full-cold-rolled steel plate sprayed or stainless steel and color steel plate;

Air volume: customized according to requirements.

Special requirements: According to the requirements of Party A, plus infrared sterilization; Odor removal; In addition to the electrostatic system.


Product Name Removable type Suspended type
Model YN-R-001 YN-R-002 YN-S-001 YN-S-002
Size(mm) 670×630×1480 700×630×1480 1300×700×600 1800×700×600
Air flow 1000 m3/h 1500m3/h 1500m3/h 2000m3/h
Noise(dB) 62 63 62 62
Fan Power supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power(W) 260 260 375 375
HEPA filter Size(mm) 610×610×150 630×630×220 630×630×220 968×484×220
Efficiency H13 H13 H13 H13
Pre filter Size(mm) 485×415×21 485×415×21 595×495×21 595×495×21
Efficiency G3 G3 G3 G3
Material Cold rolled steel and power coated and stainless steel


Fresh Air Handing Box Clean Room Ventilation Fan Industrial Cleanroom Air Control AhuFresh Air Handing Box Clean Room Ventilation Fan Industrial Cleanroom Air Control Ahu

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