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Medical Pendant System

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In combination with a range of different pendant systems, ICARELIFE provides simple and convenient access to multiple gas, electrical and data outlets at a safe height wherever they are needed.
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Medical pendants

In combination with a range of different pendant systems, ICARELIFE provides simple and convenient access to multiple gas, electrical and data outlets at a safe height wherever they are needed. The range includes multi-movement pendants for modular operation theatres and bridge specifically designed for ICU room. ICARELIFE pendants are simple and easy to use and provide a safe and organized environment with freedom from hazardous trailing leads and hoses. They are reliable, requiring minimal maintenance, cost-effective through their modular design and easy to clean, which ensures high levels of hygiene at all times.


ICARELIFE accommodates the large range of equipments and accessories required within the modular operation theater when having minimum impact on the patient’s environment.


Multi-movement pendants:

Available in single or twin configurations, the multi-movement pendants are ceiling mounted pendant systems designed to deliver services and equipment to medical teams working with patients in ICU or the operation theatre.


Pendant arms are Radius with no flat ledges to reduce build up of dust and dirt. Any dust build-up is easily identified initiating the cleaning process. A smooth paint finish not only aids cleaning but provides an unobtrusive aesthetics to the patient. Pendant surface can be wiped clean and the build-in screws design both reduces the risk of bacterial contamination and removes the need for rubber extrusions covering fixing screws.


The pendant arms and heads can be rotated into almost any position to provide all round access to the patient and easily and safely repositioned to suit different cases and procedures. High quality proprietary bearings make the pendants very easy to move and infinitely adjustable stops protect internal hoses / cables and prevent potential clashes. The arm brake system used in the pendants ensures smooth movement and pendant stability at all times.


Freedom of movement and precise location

The stoppers are infinitely variable from 0-330 degree

Air brake system is available

Pendant design, accessory selection, ergonomic planning, electrical safety systems and ambient lighting are all choosen in house to provide a bespoke system to meet any project needs.


Flexibility – Change Shelf Positioning

Shelves can be easily added, moved and removed using the unique Multi-Function Rack. This increases a pendants lifespan as it can be re-configured to meet any changing equipment demands.

Trolley Docking

Equipment can be easily interchanged using Docking Trolleys which hold a single set of equipment – commonly an Endoscopy Stack. This equipment can then be effortlessly moved when procedures dictate. The Service Head contains all the power and data points needed, meaning you can simply “plug and play”.






Peripheral lights

ICARELIFE provides LED peripheral lights, flickerless, two independent circuits to control two groups of lights,

They are surface mounted and recessed lights. Framed with special aluminum profile and cover made of highly resistant and disinfectant consistent laminated safety reflectors, clip spring connection for easy maintenance. Dimmable control is available upon request.

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