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Medical Grade Air Sterilizer

Mobile Air Decontamination

Item No.: T-2000
T-2000 adopts the technology of "plasma static electricity + ultraviolet photocatalysis + negative ion + junior high efficiency filter multiple filtration", and its excellent purification and disinfection effect is known as "air antibiotic".
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Product overview
The laminar air disinfection machine adopts the technology of "plasma static electricity + ultraviolet photocatalysis + negative ion + junior high efficiency filter multiple filtration", and its excellent purification and disinfection effect is known as "air antibiotic" by the industry. The clean gas produced by this purification and disinfection machine is distributed throughout the entire space. It has broad-spectrum disinfection and no dead ends. It can inhale suspended dust particles, decompose harmful gases such as benzene and formaldehyde, and remove disinfectants, anesthetics, chemicals and the body surface of patients. Various peculiar smells and the coexistence of human and machine 24 hours a day; it integrates the functions of air purification and sterilization, filtration and dust removal, deodorization, and harmful gas removal. The air purifying and disinfecting machine is plug and play, quick to install, low power consumption, low noise, and easy to move.

Product function and configuration:
Disinfection factors: 1. Plasma electrostatic field, 2. Odorless ultraviolet lamp, 3. Photocatalyst catalytic filter, primary, middle and high-efficiency three-stage filtration and dust removal, purification and filtration of dust particles in the air
Working hours display
Microcomputer intelligent control,
Wind speed three-gear speed control function
Built-in lysozyme filter to intercept and dissolve common particles and bacteria;
Built-in photocatalyst filter (Tio2) antibacterial and decomposes harmful gases in the environment;
Use two-stage bipolar electric field for sterilization, dust removal and odor removal
Use high-intensity, long-life, high-standard C-band ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization;
High-concentration incremental negative ion generator, release negative ions, fresh and purify the air
Microcomputer program control, luxurious LCD display; with clock timing chip, stable and reliable work
Super far infrared remote control receiver, which can be remotely controlled at a long distance (less than or equal to 10 meters range), and can be controlled at 4 degrees left and right;
Automatic opening, closing and three-level timing function;
Air volume mode working status display;
Monitoring 1: Normal operation display function of plasma electrostatic field
Monitoring 2: Normal UV operation display function
Monitoring 3: The whole machine cleaning and maintenance prompt function

Product Features
The machine is generous in design and novel in style. It is made of pure steel plate. The air treatment follows the principle of "kill first and filter later", that is, first kill bacteria in the air, and then filter to make the bacteria and dust in the environment at the same time Reduce, achieve the purpose of air disinfection and purification. This machine can operate in both dynamic and static environments, and is treated by multiple methods of plasma electrostatic field, ultraviolet photocatalytic cycle disinfection, and primary, middle and high-efficiency laminar air filtration. Long service life, simple operation and maintenance, especially suitable for high-standard and aseptic environment requirements.

Application field
Hospital: Hospital ICU, PICU, NICU, high-standard sterile room, high-standard operating room, intensive care unit, supply room, hemodialysis room, special infection ward, burn department, infusion room, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious disease area, liver disease district  medical environment.
Pharmaceutical factory: 10,000-300,000 workshop, laboratory, etc.: Food factory: sterile workshop, packaging workshop, etc.
Public places: kindergartens, schools, hotels, hotels and other crowded public areas.

Specifications & Parameters
Model T-2000
Dimensions (mm) 1380*405*562
Use volume 200m3
Purified air volume 2000 2000
Plasma electric field intensity 4100-8200 adjustable
Negative ion concentration 2*10 sixth power
Sterilization rate 99%
Number of dust particles 350/L
Purification level 10k
Voltage/frequency 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Noise s55db
Power <200W
Colony number: cfu/m3 <200
UV lamp life 8000-12000 hours 8000-12000 Hour
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