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ICARELIFE Portable Isolation Room

Item No.: 00164
ICARELIFE  portable negative pressure isolation room specifically designed for instant isolation of patient with suspected or identified infectious diseases that spread via small particles ( such as COVID-19)
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Intended to use :
ICARELIFE sRoom is a temporary ward for a single person, applicable for contact isolation, airborne isolation and droplet isolation of patients with infectious diseases

Brief Introduction :
1.The sRoom is composed of a differential pressure control system, an emergency power management system, a fresh air ventilation system, a temperature control system*, a dual-runner automatic switching system and a failure warning system. 

2.The sRoom is designed as a temporary negative pressure isolation device to isolate patients or suspected patients with infectious diseases and prevent further spread of the pathogens. 

3.The sRoom is movable and space-saving when folded and can be quickly unfolded as a single-person negative pressure isolation ward for use. If necessary, a multi-person ward can be temporarily changed into a single-person isolation ward. 

4.The ward tarp is only for use of an individual patient.

5.The ward is equipped with a hand-contactless automatic control door and a manual open-close door for emergencies

6.The sRoom wheels need to be locked and the tarp to be fixed during usage.
*The temperature control system is optional

Restricted Use
Use for patients with mental diseases is not recommended. 
Use for patients with cardiac pacemaker is not recommended. 
When sRoom is used for patients who need cardiac monitoring, patients with medical devices implanted in their bodies or other surgical patients who require close observations, a local risk assessment shall be conducted. 

Date Sheet : 
Room monitoring Siemens Room Pressure Monitoring 
Sterilization rate 99.99%
Sterilization method HEPA Filter removes particls as small as 0.3 microns and solid alkali kills the virus and bacterias
Exhaust connections (optional*) A standard vent provided for exhausting out a window

Physical Description: 
Dimensions (folded)  W830 mm* D850 mm* H1270 mm 
Dimensions (unfolded)  W2941 mm * D3092 mm* 2181mm
Material Assembly shell
Canopy: polymer flame retardant material
Flame: alloy 
Power consumption  Negative pressure mode: 300W 
Negative pressure + temperature cooling mode: 1300W 
Negative pressure + temperature heating mode: 2300W 
Supply Voltage  AC 220V~/50Hz 
Weight Approximately 225kg 
Display Resolution : 1024*600
Backlight : LCD
Alarm indication  Red illuminated LED light「ing

Portability 8 universal wheels 
Filter alert  Red illuminated LED light「ing

Fresh air rate 

150 m3/h
Air Changes Per Hour  ≥12
Pressure Differential  ≥12.5Pa 
Emergency backup power supply  Lasts for appoximately 30min after power failure
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