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Glass has many advantages as a wall panel in the operating room. It is resistant to cleaning, wiping and disinfection, acid and corrosion resistance, no dents, good ornamental surface, and smooth surface.It is more inline with the requirements of cleanliness, and the glass color inkjet can relieve the work pressure of medical staff, eliminate the tension of patients, and meet the requirements of humanized design.

Product Details :

The raw materials are all finished products produced and processed by the original factory that meet the national standards. All seams are sealed with anti-aging weather-resistant glue. The four connecting corners of the operating room are all processed into R300 arc or octagonal bevel, so that the wall,the ceiling is in an airtight state, and its service life can reach more than ten years.

The glass operating room sets the benchmark for innovative and cutting-edge operating rooms, improves the visibility of the hospital, and generates good economic benefits. The glass operating room meets high-standard cleanroom  requirements, minimizes infection, and improves the success rate of patient operations. The operating room wall panels are spliced with composite modules, and the whole is produced in the factory, without welding on site, without galvanized keel.

Configuration Option


Standardized production of all product spare parts in factories (including keels, pendants, wall panels, equipment, etc. )


All wall panels, cabinets,etc.are produced and processed according to the module, which can be interchanged


The precision is controlled at ≤0.5mm


All spare parts are in stock with short lead time
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