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ICARELIFE, a leading developer of innovative healthcare solutions, is dedicated to revolutionizing hospital hygiene control and ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals worldwide.”

Established in 2019, specializing in the production and distribution of Powered Air Purified Respirators (PAPR). Through collaborations with SaintMed in Thailand and BIOSITE in the Philippines, ICARELIFE PAPR has captured the leading market share from 2020 to 2022. Additionally, their products have been sold in other European countries, expanding their reach beyond the ASEAN market.

Building on their success in the PAPR market, ICARELIFE has shifted its focus to hospital hygiene control and air treatment, particularly in the field of Modular Operating Theater (MOT) equipment and supplies. They aim to provide their products and services to local operating room builders. Currently, ICARELIFE’s main business lines include OR control panels, hermetic doors, and scrub sink units.


To become a globally recognized partner for OR builders, delivering solutions that optimize hygiene standards, enhance efficiency, and elevate patient care

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Continuously innovate and provide solutions that create a hygienic and safe working environment for healthcare providers

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ICARELIFE , Your reliable partner in MOT equipment and supplies.

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ICARELIFE are committed to offering  a wide range of  product for OR builder

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You reliable solution on modular operating room equipment and supplies.

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