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reliable Partner for OR Builder

Solution for OR (Operating Room) Builder

OR Panel in the OR

OR Control Panel is a system that helps manage and monitor equipment, resources, and procedures in the operating room. It ensures efficient coordination and smooth operation of surgical activities.

Hermetic Door

A Medical hermetic door is used in healthcare settings to create an airtight seal, preventing air transfer, contaminants, and microorganisms between areas. It helps maintain infection control and sterile condition

Solid Surface Material

scrub sink unit

An acrylic scrub sink is used in healthcare settings for hand hygiene and scrubbing before surgeries. It features a durable, non-porous acrylic material and often includes foot or knee-operated controls for hands-free operation


Customized Excellence with Our OEM/ODM Services

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ICARELIFE, established in 2019, a leading healthcare solutions provider focused on revolutionizing hospital hygiene control and ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals globally. 

Expanding their expertise, they now offer MOT equipment and supplies to local OR builders, including OR control panels, hermetic doors, and scrub sink units. ICARELIFE strives to be the trusted partner of choice for operating room builders worldwide, delivering innovative solutions that optimize hygiene standards and enhance patient care.

Why Choose us

Join us at ICARELIFE and collaborate with our innovative team dedicated to delivering excellence. From offering precision-matched solutions to ensuring quality and compliance, we are committed to your needs. Leverage our customization capabilities and benefit from our exclusive support. Let’s grow together with ICARELIFE.

Expertise & Innovation

Welcome to ICARELIFE, where a team of creative professionals is dedicated to delivering precision-made purification solutions.

Precision Matched Solutions

We offer tailored programs that precisely meet your business requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Quality & Compliance

Our products undergo rigorous testing with multiple inspection tools, guaranteeing safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. All products are CE and ISO certified.

Customization & Research

Benefit from our independent research & production capabilities, with private customization of purification equipment to suit your specific needs.

Knowledge Empowerment

We provide complimentary professional online training, equipping you with the knowledge to effectively operate our equipment.

Superior Support

Enjoy the backing of our dedicated team, providing exclusive pre-sales and after-sales service to enhance your experience with ICARELIFE.

Factory Environment

Step into the world of ICARELIFE- a state-of-the-art factory environment where precision, efficiency, and quality meet. Experience firsthand our dedication to creating superior quality operating room equipment to worldwide OR builders

Our Certificates

MOT (Modular Operating Theater) Equipment Research Report

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